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We produce custom-made fabrics.
For all industries.

25 years in the market

We are able to produce anything from garment fabrics in a variety of materials to technical fabrics for construction, automotive, and other industries.
The high level of expertise and qualification of our staff, the complexity of the material we process, and the flexibility of our machinery enable us to respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of the market.
Know-how acquired in the weaving sector and built on decades of knowledge, skills, and professionalism of the employees is the core of our business.

Custom-made textiles

Thanks to the wide range of processed yarns and the flexibility of our machinery, we are able to produce bespoke overhead fabrics.

Distributed worldwide

Our customer base comprises of manufacturers of finished products in demanding industries around the world.

Environmentally friendly

Our waste management strategy focuses on rigorous waste separation. We have been part of the Green Company project since 2014.

Serving various industries

Clothing industry

We are a traditional supplier of twills and special fabrics for professional clothing.


Our fabrics are used by civil aviation companies all over the world.


We contribute to the efficiency of medical procedures and the patients' comfort.

We produce 8 million linear metres of fabric annually. 90% is exported worldwide.

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